Machinery Drive

Music Manned Not Canned

Greetings Machinery Drivers


Machinery Drive (M.D.) is a three piece rock&roll band formed on the Gold Coast Australia.

M.D continues to deliver industrial strength rock&roll that appeals to a wide audience and have recently shifted up yet another gear with the release of 'No Fracking Way' our newest recording.

The new line-up MD IV has now settled into a powerful groove. Allira Williams 'The Kid' is expertly holdin the beat on the drums, Mark Lawrence 'The Mechanic' has come out of retirement to add horespower with his thumpin bass. Wassa Munce 'The Surfie' brings an exciting lead guitar sound to the band. While singer/songwriter Irish John 'The Bikie' on rhythm guitar continues to put listeners in a spot where they won't want to come back from.

The lads are enjoying a busy schedule of creative song writing and plan to  keep the new material coming - meanwhile, checkout our events page to see where MD are playing next AND the MD web store to order your CD or DVD.

A big THANKS to OMG (Odin Motor Group major sponsor). 

Keep in touch (join MDMAS / sign the Guestbook) and we will keep you informed of when you can next catch the exciting sounds of MACHINERY DRIVE - we maybe playing at a venue near you!

A recent MD original Song  . . . Violation


 Check out our protest song (available on current album No Fracking Way)-

No Fracking Way -  recorded live & set to a Anti CSG clip